Repair or Replace

The first question you ask yourself when you get a chipped or cracked windscreen is – can I get this repaired or does it need a full replacement? Many motorists find that their windscreen can easily be repaired by Ezy Fix and save money on a full replacement – but only if they act swiftly.

Most windscreens that require replacement started out as minor chips that were neglected and not addressed immediately. The vibration caused from your car while driving, as well as environmental factors such as a hot summer’s day can quickly turn a minor chip into a major crack that requires full replacement. Many of our clients tell us that they had a chip then left their car in the sun for a couple of hours, only to return to find a fully cracked windscreen.

Can it be repaired?

Most windscreens can easily be repaired by Ezy Fix, depending on the type of damage and the size of the chip. Generally speaking, if your chip or crack is smaller than the size of a $1 coin and its not in the drivers line of vision, our expert technicians can easily and efficiently fix the Damage.

How will the chip repair look when repaired?

Whilst the optical clarity of the stonechip will be vastly improved, stonechip repairs are not designed to remove the mark 100%, they are designed to restore the strength to the windscreen so the chip wont spread further. Whilst you can expect an improvement in optical clarity there is no way to 100% make the stonechip disappear. But rest assured we stand behind our work 100%.

We will fix all windscreen chips of this size for a flat rate of $88.00 each within a 20kms radius of Brisbane CBD.

Is your chip smaller than a dollar coin? Act quick and make a booking with Ezy Fix today before it turns into a crack!

Windscreen, Side & Rear Glass Replacement.

In the unfortunate event that your windscreen is beyond repair and needs full replacement, our qualified technicians can replace windscreen glass in any make or model of car – guaranteed! We also offer our Best Price Guarantee for windscreen replacement – from as low as $199 you can get your windscreen replaced when you come into our workshop at Moorooka. Most replacements are completed in under 2hrs drive in drive out- the replacement takes generally half an hour and then the vehicle has sit for one hour for the glue to set to a safe drive away strength, this drying time is crucial as modern vehicles passenger air bag inflates against the windscreen.

Side and rear automobile glass is made from tempered glass and in some rare cases laminated, and isn’t repairable when damaged. Ezy Fix can take care of all your automobile glass needs no matter the make or model of vehicle.

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Can i fix it?


If Your Chip Is Smaller Than $1 we'll repair it for...

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