YES, Ezy Fix Windscreens has a dedicated division for Windows Tinting.

Our tinting team is passionate about tinting.
They are nuts when it comes to attention to details. Give us a call on 02 9066 3088 for a quotation on your car tinting.

Tinting Guaranty

With our quality of our workmanship and top quality tinting film we are so confident that you will love your tinted glass that we provide a 100% Guarantee.

We can make your car sexy...

Tinting Films

We use Suntek films. Suntek is one of the best tinting films in the world. Always innovating and pushing tinting films to new boundaries.

We have a deep knowledge on the Architectural and Automotive films.

What is the best tinting films for you? CARBON CXP, MIRROR TINT or maybe CERAMIC TINT?
Give us a call on on 02 9066 3088